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Join Our Waitlist

Please note: This waitlist does not make you a reservation for a set time. We do not take reservations or custom arrival times from the waitlist.

This waitlist allows you to get in line for a table. Estimated wait times are based on what walk-in parties of the same size were recently quoted by the host.

Additional Information

Check this page to see if the above online waitlist system is active. Add your name and party size right from your phone.

Check your place in line remotely; watch your name move up the list. When your table is close to being ready, we will send you a text to confirm that you will be joining us. Please make sure to reply back by text within 15 minutes.

Due to limited seating, we will only be able to hold your seats for 15 minutes. We suggest arriving 20 minutes prior to your estimated seating time and checking in with the host.

Not available Friday & Saturday